Career Coaching

Most clients come to me when they’re looking to make a change. Whether it’s for a critique of their resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile, or to talk about job search strategies and post-academic career issues for my fellow PhDs, the majority of clients access services for the first time when they want a new job or they aren’t happy with their current situation.

But career coaching isn’t only about the job search. Maybe you’re exploring career options or considering retraining for a second or even third career. Perhaps you aren’t getting along with your manager, had a bad performance review, had your job description redefined, or just aren’t feeling as satisfied as you used to be. Having a conversation about these issues can help; you’ll see things from a different perspective and at the end of the session you’ll have information, resources and an action plan to get you moving toward your goals.

There are no set number of appointments. Every person is unique, and I approach each client from that perspective. Working together, we’ll identify your biggest concerns and create a strategy and action plan to help you reach your goals. Have a budget in mind? We can work in 30-minute blocks instead of the traditional hour, cutting the standard fee ($150) in half to $75 + applicable taxes.

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