Resumes & Cover Letters

My clients work in all fields, on multiple continents, and the one thing they have in common is an excellent resume and cover letter. And I didn’t write any of them. Instead, I teach my clients how to write their own documents that help them stand out in any hiring competition.

Resumes are the most frequently used tool at your disposal. Whether you are applying for an open position, meeting with a new contact for an informational interview, or reflecting on your accomplishments before the annual performance review, you always want your resume (or cv) to represent your best self. I can help you reach that goal. With a standard document review, I will comb through one version of your resume or cover letter and provide you with comprehensive written feedback on everything from layout and formatting to bullet points, grammar and style. In addition, I’ll send you an audio commentary file, where I walk you through the different areas of your resume to target in your editing, and explain why certain areas are problematic, why they’re important for you, and how you can edit your document to stand out as a stellar applicant in a field of competitive candidates. $150 +applicable tax.

Prefer to go through your document with me? We can do that! Using Zoom video conferencing, we can go through your resume together, and I’ll walk you through the same thought process live as I do in the standard document review. The difference? I won’t be writing down notes or sending you additional feedback at the end of our hour together, but we can record the video call so you can review it as many times as you want during your editing process. We can also use screensharing, which lets us work through the document together. $150 +applicable tax.

Ready to get started?

All services include ongoing email contact, the ability to ask questions (love them!), and support from your own personal career coach. Send me a message and let’s set up a time to talk!